Find Her - Teaser!!

"I gasp, feeling my heart stutter as those words seep through me. Then, i realize that he isnt alone in this. Ive been drawn to him since the very first time i layed my eyes on him, only four weeks ago. I love him.
"You love me? Your not just saying this because of the situation with Bryce?"
He shakes his head, taking my head in his hands.
"I. Love. You. Beautiful. Ive never been more sure of anything in my entire life."
I gaze up at him, seeing the sincerity and love in his deep blue eyes.
"God, i love you Gavin. I love you so much."
The words tumble out of me, my heart yearning for this man as he exhales, his eyes brighter now. He shakes his head in disbelief once before pulling me onto his lap, wrapping one arm around my waiste and a hand tangles in my unruly hair.
"Say that again, baby."
I laugh a little, never taking my eyes off his.
"I love you"
Then, his mouth presses urgently to mine, parting my lips eagerly and holding me to him as one of his hands caresses my cheek. I moan, low at the back of my throat as i let go and give my heart to him, knowing hell forever be the man i love more than anything in this world."

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Finally finished Find Her, out for release on May 14th!!! So excited! 

Preview 4/21/2014:
"His eyes are filled with want for me as he carries me out of the warmish water and sets me down beside the truck a moment later. He dries me off and as i wrap the pink towel around myself, i grab another one and dry him before kissing him quickly on the lips and hopping into the heated truck. The heat warms my fingers, banishing the goosebumps over my arms and legs. 
"Your so beautiful, baby. You take my breath away each and every time i see you." 
His sincere voice and hungry bluegrey eyes make my heart race with desire for him again. He grasps one of my hands in his and kisses my knuckles softly, not letting go even when we arrive back at the penthouse. 
"I love you" i whisper, smiling as he dips his head towards mine. His nose runs along mine and the tender way he adores my mouth is heavenly. God, i never knew i needed this. But, i do. His love has healed me in the best way possible. 
"I love you too, Aria. Lets go inside"

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